Mold Inspections


Mold Inspection Services

A thorough and professionally administered mold inspection is the first step in identifying and (if needed) remediating any mold issue. You need to have a thorough mold inspection to understand the extent of the potential mold damage; as well as, testing the types of mold involved in your issue.



Mold Testing In Montana

Most people associate mold with more humid environments.

Even though the humidity in Western Montana and Northern Idaho is low relative to other areas in the country, we still can have prevalent issues with mold throughout the year.

If you at all suspect you might have a mold issue in your home, basement, attic, or business, you need to make sure and call a professional mold inspector right away.

The quicker you can detect a potential problem, the more likely you can stop it before the mold issue grows far worse.



If you have already detected mold, or think you might have a mold problem, we are here to help.


Home Mold Tests

You want to ensure that your home is safe and mold free.

We want that too.

Since oftentimes the humidity in your house is higher than the relative humidity outdoors, a perfect environment for mold growth can be created.

Mold is known to establish and grow in HVAC systems, attics, basements, and more humid environments like bathrooms.

Black Mold Test

When we perform our mold testing, we are testing and identifying all types of mold; however, testing for black mold is definitely a priority.

In society, "black mold" is often referred to as a "toxic mold" because it is a type of mold that produces mycotoxins. In actuality, there are many types of mold that produce mycotoxins and could have harmful effects on your health.

That is why, when we run mold tests, we test the entire spectrum on mold types.

Not just black mold.

Mold Inspection Cost

The overall cost of a mold inspection and all the associated testing really depends on the extent of the affected area. 

How large is the area that needs to be inspected?

How many mold tests need to be run to properly assess the whole situation?

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to getting a mold inspection done on your home or business.

Please, don't hesitate.

Give us a call today!


It has been a week since your mold removal in our crawlspace and my asthmatic condition that’s been a constant and seemingly inevitable fact of life for several years living in this house has suddenly cleared up! My husbands throat condition...coughing, choking, sneezing seems to have melted away as well! There could be no other explanation. We hired the work done as a necessary part of the house sale, but little did we think what a personal benefit we’d receive. It makes me wonder how many others suffer similar things unknowingly and needlessly.
— Laraine B

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